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the notes in our hearts // a short story review

The Notes in Our Hearts
Two generations, one song...

my review - 5
Awww! Oh, my dude! That was the cutest! My heart is all warm and happy but like a very bittersweet happy... 💖💖💖💖 Such a sweet story. Gabriellyn presents such a sensitively told story of sacrifice, love, and hope; all told with tender poignancy.  

I absolutely adore how the past and present were blended. I mean here's a short list of things I loved:
  • WW2
  • Music love
  • Wait, would this be considered a love triangle???? CUZ I LOVE IT. 
  • Sacrificial love
  • piano piano piano
  • My emotions are turbulent........
  • dealing with grief
*sniffs* 'Nuff said, y'all. This is HANDS DOWN one of the best short stories I've ever read. The feels are vivid, but still, the message of faith is even more so. The topics that are addressed are very deep, and yet Gabriellyn was very light in her approach to them, which just made everything so sweet and tender. I JUST WANNA HUG THIS STORY. *hugs it* 

If you're looking for a quick read that will just make your heart melt.... then read this, luv. This was adorable in the deepest way.

ALSO. This reminded me of a movie I watched a LOOOOOONG time ago called "Though None Go With Me". I haven't watched it in a while, but I never forgot the plot because #FEELS. Anyways. There's that. 

Have a wonderful day :)

deadly proof // a book review

I took longer on this book than I anticipated, but it was NOT wholly because of the book itself. I started a couple other classes at Trident again this week, so I've been kind of occupied with school... again.

I know, I know. Why can't my excuses be cool, like I went to New Zealand on an adventure or I was afflicted with a deadly disease but I survived it because as it turns out I actually am part unicorn??? 

But instead, I get to tell you, Hey hey hey, school sucks! Booyah! 

Yea, it's just my luck. I think it may have to do with the sad fact that I have no magical blood in me... :( And now I am forlorn about this whole situation. Juuuuust great. 

I think I may need a few moments alone... you know... to get my thoughts together for the review up ahead... 

*few moments go by* 

OK LET'S KILL THIS. *queue the cool theme song*

a question of honor // a book review


A man. A child. A war. 

When German soldiers invade France during World War II, young Joyanna's perfect world is shattered. In the hands of those who hate her, she battles to comprehend why people can be so ruthless and cold toward those whom they have never met. 

David Sullivan, pilot in the Royal Air Force, was certain he would never hate, but a painful loss forces him to either reconsider or do the inconceivable—forgive. He is suddenly challenged by the realization that doing God's will is not easy, but most important. With the lives of freedom-fighters relying on him, he must learn the difficult lesson that he is not in control, but merely one who must surrender his heart of obedience to One greater.

A sudden turn of events lands Joyanna and David in the same country—but for far different reasons. When their paths cross, David finds he must make a decision that will affect them both for the rest of their lives. 

Will he choose vengeance, or will he let his life be ruled by a higher standard? A standard of Honor.

my review - 5

That was my initial reaction. 

Actually, that's still my reaction to this book. Ha. 

When I first decided to review it, I had pretty high expectations for it. Everyone on Goodreads was saying that it was phenomenal and they cried and all that. So I was well prepared for whatever kind of pain and drama the book would bring. 

BUT ALAS. How much wronger could I have been?

the captain's daughter // a book review

When a series of circumstances beyond her control leave Rosalyn Bernay alone and penniless in London, she chances upon a job backstage at a theater which is presenting the most popular show in London. A talented musician and singer, she feels immediately at home and soon becomes enthralled with the idea of pursuing a career on the stage.

An injury during a skirmish in India has forced Nate Moran out of the army until he recovers. Filling his time at a stable of horses for hire in London, he has also spent the past two months working nights as a stagehand, filling in for his injured brother. Although he’s glad he can help his family through a tough time, he is counting the days until he can rejoin his regiment. London holds bitter memories for him that he is anxious to escape. But then he meets the beautiful woman who has found a new lease on life in the very place Nate can’t wait to leave behind. 

my review - 3.5
I received a free copy of this book from the publishers in exchange for my review.






Okay. This book. This book confused me.


Like, literally, I literally felt like at some point I was reading an entirely different book. It wasn't a horrible different book, just a different book in the same book and that was kinda awkward.

Before I started this book, I was praying, Please please please don't be like every other historical fiction.

the treasure hunt // a short story review

kristian's war // a book review

Once upon a time, there was a brown house. In that brown house, there was a brown family (we're Filipino jsyk, this was not meant to be some kind of racist statement or anything); there was Daddy and Mommy, and their three younglings: Kuya, Ate, and Bullit-- but you know her to be Jazzy. One day, while Daddy was at work, Mommy sat the kids down to read to them a book. She called it, "The Pilgrims Progress." It was an amazing book about a man and his journey to his Salvation. The children were enthralled as Mommy read. The story ended and the children didn't think about the book for some time. However, this changed not long ago, bringing about this review on a book that reminded Jazzy of "The Pilgrim's Progress." Only this one was called "KRISTIAN'S WAR"...