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In today's post, I'll be fangirling. A lot. With the release of Tricia Mingerink's newest book in the Blades of Acktar series, I've decided that I wanted to take one post and just FANGIRL about my top favorite beautiful people in the series that have stolen my heart (I would do EVERYONE I loved, buuuut that would be as long as the Bible). So without further ado, prepare to be amazed... 

I will be really blunt. The characters literally hurt my heart. I mean, OBVIOUSLY from the previous books, I know this already. Just *blows out frustrated breath* they are so amazing, words fail to describe how I feel about them. They have so many imperfections and yet THEY'RE AMAZING? No, hunty-boo. They are slay #bless. I'm gonna talk about them separately, because they deserve such, but I have got to say that in general... this cast of friends and family and cinnamon rolls has captured my heart for eternity. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH, MAN. SO MUCH. It's hard to return to real life... with real people... *cries* I need my fictional fam NOW omyguac. 

Ohhhh my precious Renna/Lady Faythe/innocent tangerine. I *heart* her so much. She is an amazing female role, with the most amazing character, with the most amazing spirit, and the most amazing heart. And yet, at the same time... she's real. She's raw stuff. Her heart is sensitive, her spirit gentle, and she's always scared. But she pulls herself together for the others, because she is no longer young Renna, but Lady Faythe. Watching her grow was incredible, she got so strong... but not without getting a few scarring bruises on the journey. But seeing how the Lord just worked in her, using those wounds to strengthen her was just so breathtakingly awesome. Where she is weak, the Lord is strong. Oh yes, Renna is probably one of the most courageous female roles I've met.

And AHHH BRANDI MY BABY. You slay my heart, precious. Ever since the first book, she's been winning everyone over with her wit, her kindness, her love for God, and sass. In this book though, we see her after the heartbreak of book three, returned to her normal self but with just a little more strength behind her eyes and in her heart. Even after everything that had happened in the previous books, God gave her an extra dose of courage. She brings sunshine wherever she is, loving the unlovely. What she had went through brought her to the confident young woman she is in book four and she is a PRICELESS asset to the cast. No one can replace her special slot. And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE her friendships with the other characters. She is the most huggable beast I have ever found in a novel. Her friendship with Jamie especially soothes my soul... I secretly ship them *wink wink* #bramie

Moving on to *cough* my man *cough* Leith c'mon out here, boi! From the first book, he's had my entire heart (well that may have changed in this book BUT SHHH). His very soul is just fangirl-worthy. I can go on and on about him. He's KIND OF PERFECT to put it lightly. He's so incredibly strong for Renna and the others. But he's not all confidence like Shad. No no, he's a humble kind of strong. He's meek. But oh so protective and his heart is just *melts*. There are so many things that contributed to his character. Being an ex-blade, his conscience still isn't completely clear over what he's done, and you see the heartache he feels in the book. He has to do things and know things and say things that crush his very soul and IT CRUSHES MY SOUL FOR HIS SOUL TO BE CRUSHED. WHAT. But then, *happy sigh* the Lord is SO so so good, and He works in Leith so much. It is AMAZING and AMAZING and really AMAZING. So yea. And *another happy sigh* can we just take a moment to appreciate and adore his dimple? *takes a moment to flail* I CAN'T DEAL WITH YOUR PERFECTION LEITH my goodness.

So now we come to a new-ish characetr, she was actually in one of the other books and she is me. Literally. Except she's tall and her name is Kayleigh. But other than that, she might as well be me. SHE WAS SO BOSS. I loved her personality so much. . . because I could relate with her so much. Just her feisty spirit alone was enough to make her one of my favorites. When she first came into the picture, I was like "Uh huh.....", and let me tell you this: I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED with how things played out. She had a precious balance of loving and savage. And yes, those two can coincide in a human. Also, her faith was so cool because, like the rest, it wasn't perfect. She still wavered, she still faltered. But she always stood for what she believed, and it was absolutely adorable watching her and Martyn's friendship (if you can call it that). Just. GAH.

AND NOW PEOPLE. NOW. I MUST CALL IN *takes deep breath* I SUDDENLY CAN'T BREATH AGAIN, SORRY. MARTYN DOES THIS TO ME. And that's all I have to say about Mr. Hamish. 

KIDDING. HAHA. He and his curly hair have this strange affect on my sanity. 

So, Martyn Hamish, Leith's oldest friend. Let me just say, I cried for this cinnabon? He's... he's.... his... *flaps hands* I just. H'E'S TOO PRECIOUS FOR THIS WORLD OKAY?!?!? He's unbelievably precious. You think, "Martyn? The guy that almost killed his bestie because of bloody loyalty to a stupid king?" Yea. He's my precious little bird. Shhhh. Read the book and you will understand, smol one. But YES, his loyalty is astounding. It's beautiful, but where he places it and why causes my heart sadness. He's must be protected and loved and HEY I CAN DO BOTH C'M HERE M'DUDE. It was so intense in the beginning. He felt his loyalty to Leith falter from all the anger he built up inside, and I could just feel all of the emotions, however discombobulated they were. Leith was his brother/friend and it pained his very soul to know that their differences created a barrier between them that had never been there before. It's like The Fox and the Hound. I cry every time we watch that movie. But seriously, Martyn is like the ultimate burrito/cinnabon. No joke. Read the book and AGREE WITH ME NOW. 

Spoilr alert in white *wink wink*And then let's talk about he and Kayleigh. AHHH. They were the most hilarious duo to be known to man. Like dude. The soap scene?? And... and... the dress *melts* AH. You have careless, carefree, don't-care Martyn and his swearing... with feisty, opinionated, bossy Kayleigh. Yep. It was very good. Very, very good. End of spoiler haha.

IN CONCLUSION TO THIS HAPPY LOVELY BEAUTIFUL AMAZING FAMILY OF CINNAMON ROLLS, they just make my heart so unbelievably happy. It's just... they all have a part of my heart (the biggest portion is Martyn's but y'know, I harbor no favorites among my fam) and it's crazy awesome to have met them. THANK YOU SO MUCH TRICIA MINGERINK. YOU ARE MY HERO.

Aaaaand this is where I close. For now. I love y'all!

have you read the Blades of Acktar?
who's your favorite character?

P.S. Tricia Mingerink is hosting a Facebook party, and YOU'RE invited!! Click the link to get all the info and attend and stuff. It'll be so much FUN!


  1. I've never read Blades of Acktar! I honestly love all your fangirling though, girl. XD Characters are really the most amazing parts of books -- even more than plots -- because you can CRY over them and FANGIRL and BOW DOWN to them and LAUGH about and just overall melt into a pile of slush.

    1. OMG IK💙💚❤️ hehe "bow down" yeaaa. Basically my life. Characters in books always stick with me more than the actually story line... most of the time. :)

      Thanks so much for commenting! i love your blog :))

  2. Oh my goodness Jazzy I did not know someone could fangirl that much. XD But YOU GOT IT SOOOO RIGHT, GIRL!!!! I won't even try to fangirl back, but I echo all the feels. All of it. And can I just say KAYLEIGH?!?!?! I so much love her. So much. I want a whole book about Kayleigh.

    Lovely post. Such relatable. ;)

    Ivy // Lakeside Publications

    1. Hahahaha we fangirls have something extremely akin to superpowers, yes? xD AND OMG A WHOLE BOOK ON KAYLEIGH?!?! Kill me now!!! I'd die for that to happen man:))

      Thanks so much, your thoughts brighten my day!!


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