cover reveal // lightporter (well I missed the memo, but SO STOKED)

Oh my goodness! How did I forget to post this?!?!?! WHAT IN THE WORLD. Okay. Just so you know, I'm SO sorry for posting this late... I feel like trash. I'm SORRY. 

What book already had the major cover reveal, but will have a mini one here on my humble blog?


I'm so stoked, man. Ever since first reading Twinepathy (read my review here [it's on my old Wordpress blog]!), I've been just waiting for the next book to come out. And now it's finally happening. Thank you so much for all your hard work, C.B. Cook, you bring me much happiness. :)

Now, for the big reveal.....

*dramatically majestic music*

*wait, is that Vader's theme song playing? *scowls**

*music cuts*

*the Eye of the Tiger blasts*

*yeaaa boi*

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C.B. Cook on Goodreads:
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And there you have it, you check it out, and BE SURE to read Twinepathy, you WILL NOT regret it! I promise you. It's excellent. :) so amazing.

And I'm off, much loves xoxo

P.S. AGAIN I apologize for being such a bad promoter/blogger human. I cannot even. How did I forget to do this, I don't even know. So confused. So frustrated. Okay bye.