random pictures // i need new friends and wayyyy more chocolate ASAP

12:00 AM

literally just random pics from my phone
enjoy :)

// random number making me laugh //
(i never responded, but if i did, i would have said, 
"roses are red; violets are blue; idk your number, now i'm blocking you!") 

// spelling skillz on fleek //
(he was trying to show me how to spell "spaghetti")

// honestly david makes my actual heart smile //
(david from the "reckoners"... yea he's my smol bean)

// literally me and unfortunate boy-human //
(still haven't found my  assassin/ninja/rebel/cool-dude-with-a-cheek-dimple yet.. I WILL FIND YOU)

// when something bad happens followed by something good and your heart is so happy that you need to celebrate //
(won't tell you what happens, but duuuude read the "lost girl of astor street")

// strange conversation with a strange friend of mine //
(he claims he's my son, and apparently I'm a grandmother ??? do i even know life anymore)

just thought it would be fun to share this stuff with y'all :D 
what's the weirdest text you've gotten from a random number?
talk to mehhh !!!

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  1. This was so funny! I'm a horrible flirt too... one time when I was eleven a guy I liked said hi to me and I panicked and blurted out "I like books!" and then I turned tail and ran. I had forgotten all about that until a few months ago when I was reading a book and he came up to me and asked me what I was reading, and I told him and started to say "I really like-" and he cut me off and said "Yeah, I know. You told me." And it all came rushing back. I fail at flirting... :'( XD
    Also the wrong # texts are the best! I keep getting people texting me calling my Stephanie. I usually tell them right away it's the wrong #, but one time I went along with it and we texted back and forth about our favorite songs for awhile until I finally told him I wasn't Stephanie! And he was like, "Oh...good music taste tho." XD

    1. OH MY WORD... wow. i was like, grinning so hard at that story xD too cute! when i was eleven, boys were not people to be flustered about, they were people to conquer. so whenever i was around them, i'd get all tough and rough and mean and... i'm so ashamed xD
      Hahahah omw that's awesome lol. one time i got a text from a number and it was like, "hey shawty, you single lil mama?" and I was like.. whaaaaa??? and it turned out to be my friend's older sister O.o it was hilarious haha

      Glad you enjoyed :))

    2. Lol! I was the same when I was eleven, except towards him. He thinks I was just awkward and shy when I was younger, he doesn't know how lucky he was!! XD
      And that text would be so weird to get, lol!

    3. ahahaha but that is just adorable! :)

  2. Hahah that first one though! No one I don't know ever texts me. In fact, even people I do know rarely text me. XD I love David from the Reckoners!


    1. Bahahahaha! I KNOW. LIKE WHAT EVEN DUDE. Huh that's sad... it's funny to get those kind of messages, even if just a tad awkward xD DAVID =D Such a cutie in all his dorky-ness.

  3. HI my name is Abigail Lennah and even though I've friended you on Goodreads I've never actually been on your blog before, which is super cute by the way??? I'd be so freaked out if someone asked me to send them a poem, although realistically the poem would probably be about how I'm freaked out they're asking me to send a poem. AT LEAST IT GETS THE JOB DONE. xD

    David is my first born child okay. Wait, no scratch that-- June and Day from the Legend trilogy are my children and David's my baby I have to coddle to sleep every night. And if you want a funny video about random texters, watch "This is what happens when you reply to spam email," which is a Ted Talk.

    I'm going to stick around your blog and see what's up, because it's cool. Hopefully we can become better friends?

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. HAI Abigail!! Thank you SO muches *crushing hug* And I know, I was just laughing like, normally people don't ask that question??? OH WHALE. AND YAS that would be fabulous, they'd probably just be like, "a'ight" XD

      AHHH isn't he just... ASJDKLFJ ?? Honestly, he's such a sweetheart. Just. So. Much. Perfect. :')
      I'll have to look that up! My friends are really good at responding to unknown #'s, but it's just not really a skill I've been able to develop-- my dad is the main influence that causes me to just block those numbers XD

      I'm so glad you like it, thank you SO SO SO muuuuch! I hope so :))

  4. "Me and unfortunate boy-human (I WILL FIND YOU)": YES THIS xD

    Jem Jones

    1. DUDE HAHA xD We UNIQUE AND AMAZING GIRL-HUMANS can relate *fist pump*

  5. AHAHAHA THIS IS HILARIOUS OMG. LAUGHING SO HARD. :') You totally should have sent that poem that was awesome. xD

    1. ABBIEE THANKS GIRL :)) I was LEGIT going to... but last minute decided to just block it haha ;P

  6. this post is hilarious! and ahhh now i want to read the lost girl of astor street!

  7. Wow I totally feel you on the "I have no idea how to flirt" level. How do characters do it so well??? XD Thanks for sharing these photos; they made me smile! :D

    Sincerely, Melissa

    1. Hey Melissa :)) I totally get you. Book characters are so witty and adorably awkward... and then there's our reality and we're all potatoes (but you know, that's okay because i love french fries so 👌🏽)! I am SO happy you enjoyed reading!

  8. "roses are red; violets are blue; idk your number, now i'm blocking you!" <-- THAT RIGHT THERE IS THE MOST HILARIOUS THING EVER AND WHY DIDN'T YOU SEND IT??? XD And that excerpt from the book (Reckoners, you said???) is SO ME. I cannot talk and not be embarrassed to save my life. LITERAL STORY OF MY LIFE.

    may @ forever and everly

    1. HAHAHAHA THANKS FAM. IDEK. I'm questioning myself now.... AH.

      HAHA it's okay, we are in this together. We will join forces xD

      Thanks reading!!


    You are such a funny, and creative person, girl! (you totally should've sent that poem, doe)


      Aww :) You're too sweet! Thank you so much *gives chocolate and crayons*


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