Oct 26, 2017

THE NOTES IN OUR HEARTS // a short story review

The Notes in Our Hearts
Two generations, one song...

my review - 5
Awww! Oh, my dude! That was the cutest! My heart is all warm and happy but like a very bittersweet happy... 💖💖💖💖 Such a sweet story. Gabriellyn presents such a sensitively told story of sacrifice, love, and hope; all told with tender poignancy.  

I absolutely adore how the past and present were blended. I mean here's a short list of things I loved:
  • WW2
  • Music love
  • Wait, would this be considered a love triangle???? CUZ I LOVE IT. 
  • Sacrificial love
  • piano piano piano
  • My emotions are turbulent........
  • dealing with grief
*sniffs* 'Nuff said, y'all. This is HANDS DOWN one of the best short stories I've ever read. The feels are vivid, but still, the message of faith is even more so. The topics that are addressed are very deep, and yet Gabriellyn was very light in her approach to them, which just made everything so sweet and tender. I JUST WANNA HUG THIS STORY. *hugs it* 

If you're looking for a quick read that will just make your heart melt.... then read this, luv. This was adorable in the deepest way.

ALSO. This reminded me of a movie I watched a LOOOOOONG time ago called "Though None Go With Me". I haven't watched it in a while, but I never forgot the plot because #FEELS. Anyways. There's that. 

Have a wonderful day :)

Oct 24, 2017

FALL BOOK HAUL + MINI REVIEWS! // hardcover books are lit






I actually convinced my loving mother to let me buy these books, even though I have 50+ unread books on my bookshelf atm.

Me: Mom, if you let me buy these now you won't have to get me ANY gifts for Christmas! Or my birthday even!"

Mom: Yeah right, you liar.

Long story short, I used my amazing begging skills to get her to let me buy them... with my own money.

Which is why I'm now broke.

Actually, I'm really not that broke. Just kinda like, if I were to run away for some reason (maybe my parents burned all my books or a wizard sends me on a quest or my parents said they were going to put the family on a diet or something less drastic), and I had to get myself dinner... I'd probably only be able to afford a straw. And maybe maybe a napkin.

Because those things are both free.

And money doesn't exist anymore.

So I'd be in trouble hahahaaa *nervous laughter dies*


I have been lusting after this book "The Nightingale" for quite some time now.
 Like, since the beginning of this year. BECAUSE LOOK AT HOW GORGEOUS. This is the epitome of utterly tragically gorgeous. I saw it first on Goodreads and I was SO in love, I was like, "I will have you, you divine creature of beauty if it's the last thing I do in this mortal realm." And I courted it for months. They carried it at the Costco nearby for a while and whenever I would go on the weekly shopping trip there with my mum, I would go over to the book section, touch "The Nightingale" and say, "Don't worry. Soon, you'll be mine in hardcover. Soon, luv."

And sure enough, one day when I decided I had the money to spend, I went on Amazon and bought the gorgeous hardcover copy of this book. love love love Haven't read it yet, but I plan to. Just need to find the time to just revel in its gorgeousness without being pressured to read/review anything else. THE TIME WILL COME I SWEAR I'M ONLY 11 BOOKS AWAY.

5 stars

I read this book this summer and HOPELESSLY LOVED IT SO MUCH. I had read a lot of reviews about how amazing it was and then the cover was just so lovely that I decided to give it a shot. AND SHOOT. It didn't take long to get me hooked and in love and greedily soaking in every word. I just.... I LOVE the plot! THE CHARACTERS WERE SO AHHHH. It's a romance, but it's not like a stupid romance. It actually has a real plot and then the romance and then it was great and I HAD TO BUY IT. Don't make that face. When you find a book that you love like I love this book, you are literally required to buy it. No excuses. 

JUST A NOTE: turns out, this book is actually based on another book (which I read) called "Daddy Long Legs", although this story is more in-depth and emotional. 

5 stars

So this was another 2017 summer read for me, because of all the hype (!) I was like, why don't we give this a shot, eh? TURNS OUT, IT'S ACTUALLY A REALLY GOOD BOOK........ Not to mention those absolutely killer aesthetics. Seriously. Have you ever seen such a magical, sparkly, enchanting, beautiful cover? Honestly, I was expecting to not really care for this book just because I've heard so many "ehhh" reviews on it. Like, I went in knowing that I was going to be disappointed and I was honestly just bored with my other options and I just kinda wanted to taste a hype-book just for fun. AND THEN I ACCIDENTALLY FELL IN LOVE WITH IT. Oops. *naughty grin* The story was so fun and exciting and emotional I read this in practically a day. No regrets.

5 stars

I was just curious about Middle-grade fiction, I wasn't expecting to be on a week-long book hangover after reading this. Let's be honest: Middle-grade fiction is REALLY GOOD. This book was exceptional. As in, really really really exceptional. In the best way. Ever. Because it was about an 11-year-old, I was kinda like, "This should be interesting in an uninteresting way." Idek why I got it from the library. Maybe the title convinced me? I do like the title. ANYWAYS. I was shocked at how much I loved this book! I was completely taken unaware and just out of nowhere I was like SO EMOTIONAL at the end. I didn't want it to end. Ever. Just Alex's voice and the overall plot and just.... UGH. So that's why I bought this one. Emotional attachment and all that. This is a powerful novel, never underestimate Middle-grade fiction. It'll tear your heart to shreds when you're not looking. 

5 stars

AGAIN, hype-book. I first read this cuz I had heard SO much about it and I LOVE the pastel aesthetics and the author's name. AND THEN IT JUST KINDA SORTA SMASHED MY SOUL. At first, I hesitated to read this book because it's in a college setting and there is a romance and I just wasn't sure how that was all gonna play out. But oh-my-dude this was hands down one of the best books I've read this entire year. And that's saying a LOT. 'Cause I've read a lot of good reads this year. Honestly, I have no idea what makes it so perfect (I say perfect, but that doesn't mean there aren't any yuckies-- for now, just know that there are a few things BUT in this review, I'm JUST talking about the good things because there are SO MANY good things about it). I adore Cath and all her introverted-ness, just #bless. I'm not introverted, so I couldn't really relate to her necessarily, but I have so many friends that do the things that she did (actually, she's basically my sister lol) and I just LOVED it so much. And then her relationship with everyone was just. UGh. It's so good. I had to buy it because this is the kind of book I'd like to write eventually IT'S AMAZING AND SO BEAUTIFUL AND SO MANY FEELS. I literally didn't want this book to end EVER because of how emotionally invested I was invested in the characters and their stories. 

5 stars

JSYK I hate this book with a passion. BECAUSE ONE WORD: JEST.
Not cool, Marissa Meyer. Not cool at all. MY LIFE IS WORTHLESS THANKS TO YOU. I am in love love love love love with the Lunar Chronicles, so obviously I was compelled to read Heartless. BUT I shoudln't HAVE. I am SO emotionally wrecked when it comes to this book wordsasd;fjallskfsa failasdlf;jsaf meeesaldksjf. There aren't enough tears for this book. Because... because.... blehsaf;sjdlfsas. I CANNOT EVEN WRITE THIS. I got this book because it ruined my life and I must have it on my bookshelf; ISN'T IT JUST SO FREAKISHLY GORGEOUS?!?! I like can't get myself to say that I love this book because I DO BUT IN THE MOST BITTER-SWEET KIND OF WAY. It's so HARD to love when it destroys me so tragically. *runs away crying*

*comes back to finish review*

5 stars

HOLY HOLY HOLY COW THIS IS NOT OKAY I HATE THIS SO MUCH I HATE IT ALL I CAN'T EVEN NOPE NOPE THIS IS NOT HAPPENING. Jk it's happening. AGAINST MY WILL. Wow. My heart. My poor, poor heart. Nobody should feel this kind of pain, okay? This is so wrong. I should not be so mad at this. I shouldn't have woken in the middle of the night after finishing this book, in tears, my chest literally aching because of these stupidly adorable characters. This should not be a thing! I'm not kidding! Actually I am! Becuase I LOVE how achingly beautiful and SAD and heartbreaking this is! Again..... IT'S SO COMPLICATED. Literally, I finished this the day I bought it because I couldn't put it down and I cried probably a total of 3 times in it-- mind you, this wasn't just tearing up kind of crying. I had to shut the book to protect the pages from the flood of tears that were literally dripping off my cheeks. IT WAS THAT KIND OF DEVASTATING SADNESS THAT REEKED FROM THIS BOOK AND IT WAS SO WORTH IT. I had read "The Lady and the Lionheart" and LOVEDDD it so much that I had to buy this, despite all the warnings that so many people had cried in it. I basically lost my heart with this book. I can't even look at the Tucker that I know the same. Like. That's not okay. 


5 stars

I teared up when I read the blurb on Goodreads, so I convinced myself to buy it. HUGE mistake. I read this around the same time I read "This Quiet Sky" and I BAWLED myself to sleep AGAIN. Why do I do this to myself? Dunno. I'm an idiot, probably. Literally, I can't get over just how powerful of a punch this short novel (novella?) delivered. I was blown away by the writing and the plot and the characters and the character's relationships and THEN THE ENDING CAME AND I LOST IT. All of it. I couldn't hold myself together, I was literally flailing on the ground, just writhing in pain. It was SO well written. Usually, I dislike short books that try to capture such heavy topics, but this was so incredibly perfect.... I finished it the evening I got it in the mail. AND DIED.

4 stars

I read this from the library, and basically, read it in a day, and pretty much I REALLY REALLY LIKED IT. And it's lovely lovely cover. So.... words? Idek. This book has its set of quibbles but whenever I tried thinking of contemporary books that I enjoyed this year, this one kept on haunting that list. LIKE, IN THE DEPTHS OF MY SOUL, I KNOW I ACTUALLY LOVE THIS BOOK. It was pretty much just all the language that I didn't really dig in this book. Mim was a very relatable character and I found myself really caring about what happened to her and the rest of the characters. Like, I honestly didn't know what I was going to get out of it when I first picked it up. The reason I decided to read it, in the beginning, was the cover and the name; I was intrigued, to say the least. AND I ACTUALLY ENJOYED IT. Like a lot. I loved the vibes I got. I adore the road-trippy books and this book definitely radiated those feels. It was VERY memorable. 

infinite stars






Me: Mom, can I buy the Lunar Chronicles?
Mom: How much are they?
Me: Like 50 bucks for all of them.
Mom: That's too much for books. Why don't you just wait till they are marked down?
Me: BECAUSE YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND. THEY WON'T BE MARKED DOWN. It's like marking down classic Disney movies on DVD: it just doesn't happen.
Mom: Well, why don't you ask your father? (she thinks he'll say no because of the price... but I know better)
Me: Okie dokie.
@ dinner 
Me: Daddy?
Daddy: Yes?
Me: Can I buy some books?
Daddy: You have money?
Me: Yes sir.
Daddy: Sure.
Mom: Tell him how much they cost first. 
Me: They're 50 dollars...
Daddy: You got 50 dollars?
Me: Yes sir.
Daddy: Well there you go. 


This is SO HARD just because I love these books SO MUCH. To say the cliche "love this so much I died" doesn't fit this AT ALL. That's why I've never really reviewed any of these. It's so bloody hard to review magical books that have you SO SO SO INVESTED IN THEM. Literally. I don't think I can actually do this. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH IF YOU SAID ANYTHING MEAN ABOUT ANY OF THEM IN MY PRESENCE I'D PROBABLY PRAY HELLFIRE TO RAIN DOWN. Maybe not THAT dark.... but you see the depth of my feelings.

It's indescribable.

Just know this: these are unnaturally mercilessly perfect you can't describe them at all, just go read it now. 

I think that should suffice. For now. I'm still too fresh, you guys. These books are LITERALLY MY ENTIRE LIFE and Marissa Meyer is touring in my area soon and I'm KINDA LOSING MY SANITY LITTLE BY LITTLE FROM THE EXCITEMENT. I'm too fresh to write coherent thoughts. Sorry :)

AND THAT'S IT Y'ALL. So, whatcha think? Have you read any of these books? If not, are you planning to now? They really ARE so amazing. I love them so much............... AH. That's how much I love them :)
what books have you bought lately? how did you like them? 

Oct 21, 2017

RAMBLING WEIRDNESS #2 // I made choux à la crème and other random pictures and what I've been up to

Happy Saturday, world!

I'm so happy right now (despite the fact that NF is playing atm). I finished writing a paper last night, slept in this morning, and I MADE CREAM PUFFS AHAHAHAHA!!!

Before I started making them, I was like, "OH! I should take pictures so I can post this on the blog!" I almost forgot to get any because GOLDFISH MEMORY, MY BAD. But I remembered. *pats me on the back* 

It was my first time to make cream puffs (or the fancy term choux à la crème) but I'll admit I messed up in the beginning. After it had been in the oven for a couple minutes, I opened the door to take a peek which the author of the recipe said NOT to do (but I FORGOT) and so when I took them out, they kinda... collapsed. 

I might have shed a tear or two, but practice makes perfect, ammaright? 

my sister: she loves the camera, can you tell?

SO QUICK COMMENT! These jeans I found a couple weeks ago, I went to the mall with some friends, and the original plan was that we were going to just be window shopping. Well, it's SUPER hard for me to find jeans because I'm so short and just everything is too tight for my taste. BUT I FOUND THESE AT RUE 21 AND I HARDLY HAVE TO HEM THEM (I just like the look sometimes, like today) AND I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THE COLOR AND THE FEEL AND OMG that's why I took a pic. Okay, you may continue with your life.

don't ever leave your phone lying around when I'm with you.... you will have about 1,454 selfies like this on it muaahahahahaha! actually I left my phone on the table when I was watching a movie with some of my friends, and one of the guys got a hold of it and took nearly 200 selfies and I was like SERIOUSLY UGH


idek i think i need help 
"hi i'm jazzy, what color is your toothbrush?"
this is exactly the face I make when one of my favorite books goes on sale... or when i see a cute baby
my baby sister; I LOVE HER SO MUCHES OMGGG.
This week I started Fall 2 at Trident, I'll be doing Psychology and an English Literature class. I'm excited about Psych, just because I'm interested in writing about characters with mental illness, and although it really just scratches the surface, it does touch a bit on that topic.

I just got over the flu---- *stops to listen to "Meet Me Inside" from Hamilton*---- which was AWFUL because I couldn't sing at all and ASDLFKSJAFDKLFSJ. Literally, every night after dinner I go straight to the piano and just jam. I'll get out my tabs, warm up a little, and then just belt my little heart out (cuz it's in a sunroom, so I'm in my own little world). Either I sing a lot of Adele (especially "All I Ask" and "When We Were Young") or Demi Lovato (HAVE Y'ALL HEARD "You Don'd Do It For Me Anymore"??? HER VOICE IS SO GOOD) or some musical theater songs (Les Mis "On My Own" SO MUCH LOVE). But like, I couldn't do any of that. Thanks for nothing flu shot.

I'm obsessed (well I actually have been for a few months now) with DEAR EVAN HANSEN!!! I just wish I could watch the musical somehow! But literally, I listen to the songs all the time and cry over them all the time THIS MAY BE A PROBLEM. I discovered the album on Spotify, one of my friends was listening to it and I was just curious. Then I looked up the story on Wikipedia and NOW I AM SO EMOTIONALLY INVESTED IN THESE CHARACTERS AND THIS STORY THAT I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY FEELINGS.

I've been working out consistently! This has been hard for me lately just with school and life and all the joys that come with those two things. I've been too busy *cough*lazy*cough* and this has just slipped my schedule, but THIS WEEK IT'S CHANGED! I've hit the gym (our garage lol) every day (except Monday) this week and I am so proud of myself!! I've been getting back into lifting because when I would workout every day, I just did compound exercises and calisthenics. So now, I'm doing more isolated workouts or focusing on one muscle group at each session. I love doing more CrossFit oriented kinds of workouts, but like I said, for now, I'm just heavy lifting. Normally I get bored with just lifting because I'm the type of person that enjoys jumping around and all that hyper stuff, but it has actually been really fun and I LOVE the feeling after I workout. Like my limbs are about to shrivel and fall off. LOVE IT.

I'm going to write a book. This has actually been a thing for a while, but I have been getting ideas for a NEW THING lately and I'm so excited. It'll be a YA contemporary, can't really divulge too many details as of now. But earlier this summer I started reading different books in this genre, and I loved it!!! errr... minus all the yucky stuff. One day when I was in the car with my mom, just running errands, I literally ranted to her about how I like reading middle grade contemporary over YA because of the sexual content and language that authors seem to think pertinent for their books in order to make it "YA". Seriously WHYYYY. Not everybody likes reading about that kind of stuff and most of the time IT'S NOT EVEN NECESSARY. *frustrated exhale* Anyways. My plan is to write YA contemporary novels that hit emotional triggers and relatable topics but aren't flooded with yucky stuff. They'll have a healthy amount of grit just so it's realistic, but nothing harmful.

 MOSQUITOLAND - A Novel by David Arnold


Remember, you're amazing and don't let anybody else make you think otherwise: JESUS DONE MADE YOU, YOU BEAN. 

Okay there's my pep talk for today. Till next time my friends! *virtual hug*

have you ever made cream puffs?
have you heard of DEAR EVAN HANSEN?
what have you been up to?

Oct 19, 2017


I took longer on this book than I anticipated, but it was NOT wholly because of the book itself. I started a couple other classes at Trident again this week, so I've been kind of occupied with school... again.

I know, I know. Why can't my excuses be cool, like I went to New Zealand on an adventure or I was afflicted with a deadly disease but I survived it because as it turns out I actually am part unicorn??? 

But instead, I get to tell you, Hey hey hey, school sucks! Booyah! 

Yea, it's just my luck. I think it may have to do with the sad fact that I have no magical blood in me... :( And now I am forlorn about this whole situation. Juuuuust great. 

I think I may need a few moments alone... you know... to get my thoughts together for the review up ahead... 

*few moments go by* 

OK LET'S KILL THIS. *queue the cool theme song* 
add on goodreads
In the biggest case of her career, attorney Kate Sullivan is tapped as lead counsel to take on Mason Pharmaceutical because of a corporate cover-up related to its newest drug. After a whistleblower dies, Kate knows the stakes are much higher than her other lawsuits.

Former Army Ranger turned private investigator Landon James is still haunted by mistakes made while serving overseas. Trying to forget the past, he is hired by Kate to look into the whistleblower's allegation and soon suspects that the company may be engaging in a dangerous game for profit. He also soon finds himself falling for this passionate and earnest young lawyer. 

Determined not to make the same mistakes, he's intent on keeping Kate safe, but as the case deepens, it appears someone is willing to risk everything--even murder--to keep the case from going to trial.

my review - 3 
Let's just get this really straight. 

This book was really interesting. 

Probably won't read it ever again, or read any more from this author.... but that's not saying the book wasn't good. Because it was! It just really wasn't my gig. 

The story is about a lawyer who is working on this really big case that could alter her entire career and the lives of so many other people. It was INTERESTING and I did feel INVESTED into this novel because I WANTED TO SEE THE ENDING. 

I just.... it just...... mehh?

It wasn't my thing and that's fine. All the lawyer stuff, and legal information, and all that technical stuff was COOL. I was very impressed by the author to have included so much and with such detail, because it wasn't an easy storyline to build off of without all of it. BUT THE THING IS, that stuff really doesn't interest me. It was cool to read, I feel like I learned a lot just by reading that book, what with the procedures in a case study and courtroom things. But in the end of the day, I just want something that I don't have to push through as if it were almost like a textbook, if you know what I'm saying? It just wasn't the easiest read, IT WASN'T BAD. IT WAS ACTUALLY REALLY GOOD. But when it comes to reading, especially since I am still in school, I would have picked up a faster paced, less informative novel, I guess. 

Not that information is bad. I like information, just... not in this kind of novel?? I GUESS?? This is complicated trying to explain. Because I did like the storyline, it was very interesting, and I liked the characters. But like. All the lawyer-y stuff just kind of .......... eH. 

As for the characters, I appreciated Kate for being real. I'll be honest, I wasn't really expecting Kate to be very interesting, just because the plot seemed to almost overrule the characters in this book just slightly, but I do believe the author did an okay job with letting Kate shine. Just enough. I liked that she was relatable with her crazy life and depression. It gave motive to her actions and I liked that a lot. She did grow through the book, she became a stronger woman, even though I thought she was pretty strong already in the beginning. I felt like she was too perfect at some moments, like EVERYONE ever kept on telling her how kind-hearted she was, how selfless she was, or how she needs to think more about herself or money and blah blah blah. Those moments when the author really made that point to say SHE'S PERFECT AND EVERYBODY, YOU'RE ALL SCUMBAGS. I was like.......... yea no. 


I felt like Landon took so long to come to terms with himself. He was an interesting character because I feel like he took sooooo long to grow, but then he did, but then he didn't. And it was just idk kind of jumbled almost. Like, he did grow, and I enjoyed watching that happen, it made me very happy. But then he still was like, struggling after everything had happened and it was ALMOST like nothing had changed. And idk it was rough. He was cool, though, just not the coolest dude in the fictional world. But still cool. 

Kate's relationship with Landon was one of the most interesting parts in the book, just cuz. You got to see more of their characters open up and it was less focused on the case. I loved their chemistry and how everything was like... slow, but not slow at all. IT WAS GOOD. I was very satisfied in the end. 

Speaking of the end, I kind of cringed at the conclusion. Well, not the conclusion-conclusion, but like the answer to all the problems. It just all seemed kind of... cheesy for some reason. I just, I have no idea. It didn't feel realistic. Suddenly I was watching a kid cartoon and the bad guy was found and then all this totally cliche stuff happens and then everyone gets a happy ending. 

It was a very forgettable ending that really... didn't make me care for the book as much. Because I actually was sort of kind of almost in my own way enjoying the book! But then the ending happened and I was just like... uhm, alright then? IT WAS WEIRD. I was totally let down with the ending and I wasn't surprised and I wasn't thrilled that the whole problem was solved BECAUSE IT DIDN'T FEEL SOLVED. It was just awkward. 

MY THOUGHTS OVERALL? I enjoyed it to an extent. There were some parts where I really like it and I just couldn't stop reading... and then there were parts where I was like, ok yada yada let's get stuff done. But I mean, it wasn't a bad book. Not the best book, but not like the WORST THING OUT THERE. If you like mystery or lawyer-y books lol, this might be something you might want to consider reading. It was an intersting plot line, over all. JUST MY THOUGHTS. 

Thanks for reading!

Oct 18, 2017



A man. A child. A war. 

When German soldiers invade France during World War II, young Joyanna's perfect world is shattered. In the hands of those who hate her, she battles to comprehend why people can be so ruthless and cold toward those whom they have never met. 

David Sullivan, pilot in the Royal Air Force, was certain he would never hate, but a painful loss forces him to either reconsider or do the inconceivable—forgive. He is suddenly challenged by the realization that doing God's will is not easy, but most important. With the lives of freedom-fighters relying on him, he must learn the difficult lesson that he is not in control, but merely one who must surrender his heart of obedience to One greater.

A sudden turn of events lands Joyanna and David in the same country—but for far different reasons. When their paths cross, David finds he must make a decision that will affect them both for the rest of their lives. 

Will he choose vengeance, or will he let his life be ruled by a higher standard? A standard of Honor.

my review - 5

That was my initial reaction. 

Actually, that's still my reaction to this book. Ha. 

When I first decided to review it, I had pretty high expectations for it. Everyone on Goodreads was saying that it was phenomenal and they cried and all that. So I was well prepared for whatever kind of pain and drama the book would bring. 

BUT ALAS. How much wronger could I have been? 

I was not prepared at all for this masterpiece.  

From the first page, I was engrossed! I was literally in love with it already. Just all the vibes I was getting from it, I was so very very happy. Like falling into a fluffy comforter after it just came from the dryer. SO NICE. 

Let's start talking about the stuffs. 


Okay, now we can talk about the plot in this book. This was actually so unique and cool like I can't even. Normally when it comes to WW2 books, you have refugees or you have other victims of the war, more or less. Well, in this book you have a 7-year-old Jewish victim who ends up having to help the enemy and an American volunteer. S O  D I F F E R E N T. It gives me tingles. I just love the fact that Joyanna is a kid, and stayed a kid through the book (it didn't like skip a few years so she was a teen). I don't know why, but I appreciate that. Made things very raw. 

Anyways, there was a lot that went on in this book. A lot of action, which I love. Some of the things the characters or things that happened didn't always seem realistic, but that could just be me. I love how historical everything was, it made everything much more vibrant and I felt like I was actually seeing a lot of the things described. I was hardly ever bored as I read, I was constantly anticipating the characters' next move.


I actually cried like 3 times halfway through the book. Yeaaa that bad. But in the best way! *wipes tear* *sniffs* It's great! No worries. 

It was all just so HAPPY and BEAUTIFUL and PEACEFUL in the beginning, I just knew something was going to go wrong. You know you're gonna end up bawling your eyes out when things are that good. That's just how life is.

Moving on..........

The C H A R A C T E R S were so #BLESS. I mean, I admit, there were a few times where I feel their dialogue felt... unreal. Like you could just hear the author saying it and not the characters, so that was one thing that I didn't really like. But other than THAT they were so cool I just AGH.

Joyanna just made me so sad and happy D': Whenever she would ask, "Will you take are of me?" I was like, AWW I WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU LIL PERSON C'MERE TO AUNTIE JAZZY AND I'LL BUNDLE YOU UP IN MY PROTECTIVE WINGS AND FEED YOU NUTELLA CREPES FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

However, there were some parts where I was like......... yea that kinda sounds more like a 4-year-old than a 7-year-old. Just some things. Cuz I have both a 7 and 4-year-old sisters, so I have them as references. But whatever, I mean it's not THAT big of a deal. Just that kinda annoyed me sometimes. She was precious and innocent and so sassy that ALL FAULTS ARE FORGIVEN.

I love love love David, he just felt so real and his humor was so funny I was like HAHAHA and OH NO for him all at the same time. IT'S JUST SO SAD. His life was perfect. So perfect. And then *splat!* all that was good and beautiful was destroyed and he had to grapple for a handhold on life..... and without God that was pretty hard to do. LESSON LEARNED: God is the only one who can bring peace. *thumbs up*

His friendship with Gil made me cry. It was so funny. Their sass level with each other was HILARIOUS I loved reading their banter. Although I feel like their voices lacked true conviction when it came down to details and just some things they would say, or some slang they would use.... I just felt like it wasn't /all there/ for some reason.

I was VERY encouraged with Gil's speech to David in the beginning. That was VERY raw and VERY real and VERY relatable and VERY challenging. I APPRECIATE THAT IN A BOOK. Thank you Jesseca :)

That scum bag Erich was a jerk. Well I mean, he was supposed to be a jerk. He wasn't supposed to be good. But he was still mean. I was hoping he would become good in the end, but you can't save all villains.

I admit I was not expecting that ending though... it came as an "oh, okay" moment and I still don't know how I feel about it. I guess I didn't really like it? I mean it was okay, but honestly, I feel like the book could've had a bigger blow. Somehow. I don't know how. But I just felt like the closure to the problem was a bit... weak. The story was good, just that part was a bit lacking for me.

THE ENDING was alright, it was very warm and I felt very fulfilled. It was like closing an Anne of Green Gables book, it was very happy-sigh worthy. I was very satisfied. I was starting to cry again because of what David was thinking about and how his heart had changed and just how happy I was with his development amidst all the action and everything that was going on.


Cuz I cried like a baby in this. And I am not ashamed to admit that.



Oct 17, 2017


happy fall!
I am SO stoked! IT'S ACTUALLY NOT HOT. QUEUE HAPPY DANCE *wiggle wiggle*  

That's a pretty big deal here in the south because it normally takes 5,234,289 blue moons and your first born child to get the weather to cool down, especially after a summer like we just had. BUT ALAS! God above smiles on us today. 

However, I can't be perfectly happy because it's not cold. Which isn't bad technically... I hate the cold. But then if it's not cold, I can't layer my clothes and dress in my cute cozy things. 


It's just so complicated. I hate the cold, but I love the byproducts of the cold. Like that makes SO much sense. 

To be completely honest, I have no idea what I was planning on talking about when I started this post. I just kinda started typing and when words started appearing, I just kept going. Hey, maybe this will be a good time to talk about my life and why I don't post a lot of posts like this anymore. This is gonna be really scattered and IDEK WHAT'S GONNA COME OF IT. HOW 'BOUT WE TALK ABOUT LIFE HUH? THAT SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD PLAN. 

*thinking of what's been going on in my life*
*remembers I'm homeschooled thus I have no life*

Uhhh. Well, I can talk about... school? *nervous laugh* HAHA JUST KIDDING. I'm writing this post to get away from school, so shhhh we shall not mention the "S" word until further notice, understood? Understood. 

So I'm a very morbid child. 

Not gonna deny it either. It's the truth. Last week, I was going through my old stories from my notebooks and binders. YOU GUYS I'M A MASS MURDERER. 

And now I understand it if you want to leave. I don't blame you. I really don't. I mean, for all you know you could be next. THAT SOUNDED SO BAD OMG WHY DID I JUST TYPE THAT OUT. I am very ashamed. 

UGH. What a fine predicament I've found myself in. Well, it can't get any worse! I've got nothing to lose!

try to decipher the language i created... it's called "excited plotting-ese"

So, yes, I discovered this interesting, errr... fact... about myself. 

I was shocked as I flipped through my notebooks. Almost every other page was about someone crying or someone dying or someone fighting or blood (don't even ask me to use the descriptions I used for some of the wounds-- they make ME cringe now). LITERALLY. Well, not literally obviously. But you get the picture. I WAS A VIOLENT LITTLE PERSON. 

My sister laughs at me because all my characters are so sad or in really horrible situations (I was supposed to finish the story and bring them out of it, understand). She was like, "Girl, what were you going through when you wrote this?!" Then I told her, "I never went through a "tween depression" phase, but all my characters did."

TRUST ME. I DID NOT LIKE HURTING MY CHARACTERS. Buuuuut... there was a reason for each beating, I swear! 

You would seriously think I was having depression and suicidal thoughts while I wrote all those stories and things by reading them. But trust me, Jesus is good and I knew that then and I know that now. *thumbs up*

basically how all my pages look... now i know why i'll never write a book

OH BOI. I just remembered that I wrote about a birth scene. 

That was... weird. 

But anyways, I was thinking about including some excerpts (not the birth scene lol. probably not the bloody ones because this is a PG blog *winks* jkjk they're not that bad). But then I realized I'd have to type it all up and... eh. 


Okay, sheesh, Imma typin', Imma typin'... 

I scoffed, mockingly throwing my head back. "So, you have another job for your little imp? What is it this time? Kill a Brunuakin soldier? Rob a nearby shop or its gold, silver, and a that it's worth?" My pupils narrowed on the window, ignoring the glare she was setting on me. "No. I'm done with the blood. I'm done with the stealing. I hate this. I hate comitting your crimes. I can't. I just... can't. Not anymore. I hate it." I frowned up at her, but from my chair I looked right up her hairy hooked nose. I cringed in disgust. (literally me rn)
With each perilous blow, her eyes brimmed with a salty tear. The deafening explosions from the cannon a reminder of her situation in that seemingly God-forsaken place, the stoic land of austere and amorphous jeopardy. Where tears and pain were no strangers. Where dread and havoc were as abundant as the poluted air that choked her lungs. Where hope was seldomly thought. 
Suddenly, Hugo heard the man shifting besides him, then within a heartbeat a hand grasped his throat and lifted his bare feet from the wooden floor. He gasped, seeking air that wouldn't come. "Swine," the man sad through clenched teeth, his putrid breath swarming the small space, grossly nauseating. Disgusted, he set Hugo back on the ground wheezing and gasping for air. Touching where the man had held him, he coward from his ominous form, whimpering. "Get up!" the man barked. But Hugo didn't move. "I said get up!" He yelled in his ear, but Huga just curled his legs in his arms, pulling his knees to his chest. Not listening. Not obeying. He couldn't-- wouldn't. Not for this man. "Stupid," was all the man said. All he said before the world around him went completely black. 
He would think beautiful dreams to the heavenly stars or whisper blessings to the silver moon. Though never were his thoughts clear from the ugly picture of his lonesomeness, he did have some colorfully splendid dreams of flying to the moon and gazing down on the earth; finding a friend in the sun and finding a family amongst the stars. Still, even then, darkness of the night grasped him. He was still alone and the dream was just, well, a dream. He was a victim of loneliness's cruel hand and every hour, late in the night, he would for hte gazillionth time, curse fates design on his life. It's a wonder wy he even bothered calling his very existance a "life."  
OKAY. I think that's enough. *cringes* yeaaaaa......... that's a look into what my mind was like when I was 11. 

weird huh xD


OH WAAAAAAAAAAIT. I almost forgot! Lol memory of a goldfish, not too sharp. Here's a playlist that I made and wanted to share with y'all:

Oka, that's it now. I'll talk with y'all later. I like writing these kinds of posts. IT'S FUN AND REFRESHING. 


Oct 14, 2017


When a series of circumstances beyond her control leave Rosalyn Bernay alone and penniless in London, she chances upon a job backstage at a theater which is presenting the most popular show in London. A talented musician and singer, she feels immediately at home and soon becomes enthralled with the idea of pursuing a career on the stage.

An injury during a skirmish in India has forced Nate Moran out of the army until he recovers. Filling his time at a stable of horses for hire in London, he has also spent the past two months working nights as a stagehand, filling in for his injured brother. Although he’s glad he can help his family through a tough time, he is counting the days until he can rejoin his regiment. London holds bitter memories for him that he is anxious to escape. But then he meets the beautiful woman who has found a new lease on life in the very place Nate can’t wait to leave behind. 

my review - 3.5
I received a free copy of this book from the publishers in exchange for my review.






Okay. This book. This book confused me.


Like, literally, I literally felt like at some point I was reading an entirely different book. It wasn't a horrible different book, just a different book in the same book and that was kinda awkward.

Before I started this book, I was praying, Please please please don't be like every other historical fiction.

But alas, Rosalyn was a very stereotypical hf character... actually quite boring. Why are all these characters so stinkin' alike??? Why why why historical fiction authors! I'm not kidding, here's a list:

  • she's literally an orphan
  • she's literally entirely likable
  • she's literally not quirky at all because apparently hf characters aren't human OH WILL didn't know tHAT!
  • she's literally just like 17 other girls I've read about
  • she literally has no personality and it annoyed me so much
Not to mention, she's kinda dumb, but won't complain too much about that. She wasn't supposed to be super street smart anyways. BUT. She lacked so much depth, especially by the second half of the book, where I felt like I was reading a totally different book. Like. So confused. But seriously, Rosalyn was so good. I wanted more from her, deeper passions idk. She just wasn't relatable and I was mad because relatable characters are LITERALLY my HOME. Oh and there was almost no personal development here; what are we supposed to be feeling after we finish this book? I felt... idk. Like I had loose ends. 

But I mean, I liked how George Muller was mentioned in the story. That was pretty cool. 

Moving on to other things, I do believe the plot was what kept me reading through the entire thing till 1 in the morning.  It was REALLY interesting. She was all over the place! And it was fun, I was engrossed. I was on my toes, anticipating what was going to happen next. Bad things, one after the other, just kept on flowing.

And then she joined the theater and... well, things slowed significantly. Maybe it was the characters themselves or something, but this is where I almost lost interest. The theater was boring. The characters in it, well they were okay at first... but soon they got boring too. I stopped caring about Rosalyn's situation, started getting aggravated with Nate's dullness, and I was bored with the performances.

This was supposed to be the most exciting part in the book because THEATERS and SINGING and DRAMA and ROMANCE but no. Did not float my boat. It was almost like the plot stopped moving and it just kinda stayed there; Rosalyn was even less interesting somehow. Jessie was fun, but Jessie was kind of mean and that gave her a personality.

The romance in this was... Slowburn.

But not in a good way. Let's be honest! Slowburn is nice unless the romance doesn't happen at all until they kiss at the end. The relationship in this book was just... AWKWARD. And there was sort of a love triangle-ish and the guy had this "can't-fall-in-love-now-I-have-duties-that-I-need-to-fulfill" mindset. And it made me so frustrated. Obviously, they liked each other. But no. They each wanted to live their own lives, which WHoop-dee-doo suited them both fine!

Until it didn't and then they're just like LET'S GET MARRIED HUH ???

But it was like. I feel like they were hardly even friends. They hardly talked. They just both felt the tingles when they saw each other or were near each other. But honestly, did they even have a strong friendship? Nah.

Friends first, younglings. Friends first.

And then came the closure for all that had been broken in the beginning!



The ending felt rushed, like the author was just like, "Ugh I'm tired of writing this-- let's just *key smash* There. That should be good."

Almost nothing was worked up to solving all the problems until the end where they miraculously solved themselves and everybody was able to live happily ever after.

Ahah. Well didn't see THAT coming.

The thing about readers... we can tell when authors get lazy by the end of their books. We KNOW when you lose heart, even if you don't. And I can see that in this book. The entire plot in the book kind of dissipated in the end as if it never happened at all. I felt no closure. Sure the problems were solved, the people were happy, the characters kissed (had problems with that too. friends-first issue? and not to mention... they didn't even say ily in this book, like, at all. that threw me off a bit JUST BECAUSE). But you can have all that and STILL be incomplete.

Do I recommend this book? 

After all I've said.... yes. Because my opinion is mine alone you may think something entirely different. I've read other reviews on this book and I know others have actually enjoyed this book. You just might enjoy it too! But you know............. this is my review. My thoughts. Not yours. Mine.

SO YES I RECOMMEND IT. It had me hooked in the beginning... I just unintentionally slipped from the hook and couldn't find my way back on... but still managed to finish it in a day. I persevered.

these were my thoughts in the post...
now i want to hear YOUR thoughts!
have you read this book?
what are YOUR  thoughts on historical fiction?

Oct 10, 2017


They were silent a moment each thinking of the strange clue and even stranger signature. Anna was first to speak. "It seems like some sort of treasure hunt."

A boring summer vacation turns into an exciting adventure when Anna and her brother David discover a mysterious note. Soon they are hunting for clues, solving puzzles, and cracking codes--all on their own farm!

my review - 5 stars
This was a fun short read by fellow blogger, Kate Willis. I enjoyed trying to figure out the clues before reading further, and I love how fast-paced everything was. It was like boom boom boom things were ROLLING. I also loved the sibling relationships! With the "old and borings" and the younger bunch, it made me think of my own siblings; there are my older brother and sister, me, and then a 7-year gap between my younger brother and I. So I guess my older siblings and I are definitely the "old and borings"! It was so much fun running around with all the characters, searching and feeling the satisfaction of solving. 

An excellently written story of three siblings searching for a certain hidden treasure! I recommend to everyone who's up for a quick-paced hunt with sibling banter and summer vibes. 

(Thanks to Kate Willis for sending me a free copy in exchange for this review-- you're awesome, girl, keep it up!)

Oct 8, 2017


Once upon a time, there was a brown house. In that brown house, there was a brown family (we're Filipino jsyk, this was not meant to be some kind of racist statement or anything); there was Daddy and Mommy, and their three younglings: Kuya, Ate, and Bullit-- but you know her to be Jazzy. One day, while Daddy was at work, Mommy sat the kids down to read to them a book. She called it, "The Pilgrims Progress." It was an amazing book about a man and his journey to his Salvation. The children were enthralled as Mommy read. The story ended and the children didn't think about the book for some time. However, this changed not long ago, bringing about this review on a book that reminded Jazzy of "The Pilgrim's Progress." Only this one was called "KRISTIAN'S WAR"... 

Don't ask me what compelled me to write the above story, because I honestly wouldn't have an answer for you. When I come on my blog, I just type what comes to mind, I NEVER plan ahead (you can probably tell by my posts tbh), and I publish it without a second thought. Because haters gonna hate and judger's gonna judge and I'll be here.... being weird. 


So like, I kind of had fun taking pictures of the book today. It's a pretty lit cover, wouldn't you agree? 

This was a wonderful surprise :)

Aaaand this is the end. Booyah! Now on to the review. 

my review - 4.5 stars
I really really enjoyed this book. Short as it was, busy as I had gotten, and long as it took me to finish... I really did enjoy it. However, when I got to the end, I had a full feeling. The kind of feeling that means I didn't feel "hungry" for more, which is both good and bad. Let me explain. 

When I started reading this book, I was fully prepared to finish it in a day. Picked it up, nodded slowly, and said, "Imma finish this in a few hours."

That didn't happen. School, friends, piano, they all plotted against the finishing of this book. I couldn't pick it up because I knew it would annoy me about how scattered it would feel. I needed to be able to just sit down and simply read but that couldn't happen, not with tests and projects due. So I waited, waited, waited. 

UNTIL AT LAST. After my tests were taken, projects turned in, papers were written... I was able to sit down and read. And I finished the book. 

And it was pretty good. 

The plot was engaging, though not memorable. There was a clear goal, the journey was hard and interesting, and Kristian was relatable (my heart broke when it shared their backstory on whey his wife was so mad at him). I loved the parallel to the Christian walk, with each of the tempters and encouragers and all that fun stuff. How Kristian responded to each was very relatable and I found myself really wondering what he was going to do next, where things would take him. While the writing style was fast-paced and quick to read, I felt like the beginning kind of dragged for a bit. It wasn't until the middle that I was turning my pages more eagerly, but once that happened BOOM. Just like that. 

As for Kristian Anders, I feel like he was lacking. But I'll be lenient because this book was so short (sort of like Soren in Travelers: Rekindled), and there really wasn't much time to develop such a dynamic character (although I still would've like to seen that)(but you know, I'm not like MAD that there wasn't). He wasn't boring BY ANY MEANS. I know boring characters (or just plain annoying), but Kristian wasn't that. Kristian was a special kind of not-dynamic-but-still-cool character. Cause like, he was relatable with all his struggles and weaknesses, so he was real in that sense, but as a person with a voice and habits and quirks... it wasn't there. BUT LIKE I SAID. He wasn't boring, I don't hate him, I really liked how relatable he was, so YAY.

The journey, his spiritual development was key. It was a beautiful story, filled with a yearning for hope and a message of God's forgiveness and undying love. How the author portrayed the Biblical elements was really neat and I loved when I found the double meaning behind things. Most of the terms and spiritual messages were pretty conspicuous, because of their names, but others I had to think a little more. 

I enjoyed the writing style to an extent, and all the action was very capturing. I was like, WOAH WOAH WOAH WHAT in all those scenes. Is it bad that for both books and movies, some of my favorite scenes are the battles/fights? Should I be worried??? 

I felt a little confused with all the militaristic terminology at a few parts, though I loved how cool it was even if I didn't understand more than half of it. It felt REAL cuz like I don't get a lot of that kind of stuff in movies that I watch anyways. So it wasn't too bad, I just had to look some stuff up lol. 

OVERALL this was well-written that carried an amazing message: God grants his mercy and grace to those who seek it. "KRISTIAN'S WAR" is a book that I would recommend to those who like the "Pilgrim's Progress," or just anyone who wants a short read on a man's spiritual journey. I say short, despite the fact that it took me a few days. 


Peace out, fam <3 p="">

(Thanks again to Peter Wisan for sending a free review copy!)