product review // paintings by Sarah Grace!

helloooo you!

Today I will be doing something kind different from what I normally post here, buuut oh whale I hope you enjoy it all the same (btw I apologize for my absence SCHOOL and LIFE and BOOKS but mostly PSYCHOLOGY and a little bit of PINTEREST *cough cough*-- hey don't judge me, you know you've been there too I KNOW YOU HAVE, DON'T LIE TO YOURSELF).

*queue the cute acoustic music* 
*realizes how much I love typing out "queue" because of the "ueue"...*

Ayeee, so these beautiful paintings are by Sarah Grace, a fellow blogger! She has two shops, one on Etsy and one on Amazon, where she sells a bunch of paintings, all originals, all done by herself. She was kind to send me a few of hers to review... so here it is :D 

This penguin... this little bundle of fuzzy-wuzzy cuteness... UGH. It's so cute! I saw it and I was like YAS DUDE YOU'RE MINE C'MERE. But seriously, look at how flurffy it is!!! This is actually a notecard... buuut... dunno if I wanna use it as a notecard or just put it on my wall for decor... cuz shoot, don't think I'd want to give this little flurffy bebbe away ;P

And then there's this one that I personally just ADORE because of the line-art-ish feels and just I love yellow flowers and paintings and all that combined just made something pretty magical. Yea. Magical. It goes with the vibes of my room (which is still a work in progress concerning the decor, but the theme and feels that I was going for... this works with it ^_^)

AND NOW... for my personal favorite because BICYCLES... 

Yaaaasss so beautiful. I just. I love this painting. So much. Bicycles. Pastels. ARGHSALDJFDK. Thank you, Sarah Grace, for being so amazingly talented and so willing to let me review your art. I LOVE IT ALL SO MUCH, GIRL.

AND GUESS WHAT, MY DUDES? Sarah Grace has two shops wherein all her products are 15% off right now through the end of the year!! Plus, free shipping on orders over 30$ (they're totally worth it, trust your girl Jaz!). 

Check out her ETSY shop here and her AMAZON shop here! She has some pretty freakin' gorgeous bird paintings that I didn't get my hands on, but they are totally something to check out and there are some Christmas themed cards as well! They're all original paintings done by Sarah Grace herself, which IS PRETTY LIT.

I am so stoked about the ones that I got in exchange for my review, they make me so happy whenever I see them. I'm always looking at art on Pinterest and room decor and I never find good deals for the kind of art that I like for my walls... BUT THESE, YOU GUYS, ARE EXACTLY THE KIND OF PAINTINGS I'VE BEEN WANTING FOR MY WALLS. Seriously. My walls are butt-naked because I haven't found anything that I like enough to hang. But now I do haha :)

This concludes this product review, once again don't forget to check out Sarah Grace's links: blog, Etsy, Amazon and her awesome sale!-- and don't forget to spread the love! Thanks so much to Sarah Grace for being so kind as to let me review these.