Nov 7, 2016

Travelers: Rekindled // a book review

I am so hopelessly in love with books, and I cannot lie. 

The frustrating thing is when life gets CRAZY hectic, that's when books summon me. Verbally. As if they're supposed to do that. *pfft* And I don't know what's worse: the fact that they speak to me, or... the fact that I actually listen to them. Either way I'm left seemingly psychologically troubled. And that would surprise neither me or my comrades. *winks* Or thou, dear reader, who has fallen victim to my nonsense. 

Getting back into my game here, I'm not supposed to be talking about such idiotic things right now. There will be plenty of other posts for all that madness. Today, I'm so excited to share with you one of the latest short novels I've read, Travelers: Rekindled by Dominic DiMaria. So, no more of this trifle business. LET US BEGIN!
Join Soren on his journey from Oasis, the beautiful realm of the Cosmos, to a physical Dimension of vile men, dark creatures, and a mysterious Master, ordered to accomplish a task that will turn the lives of those he meets, as well as his own, upside down.

So when I first heard about this book, I freaked out. I mean, my friend's older brother wrote it. How does that not seem legit?? It's one thing to meet an author, it's another thing to be friends with the siblings of an author. You're way cooler that way, trust me. I've done the research. Pay attention. 

When I saw that it was a short novel, I was skeptical. I don't like short books. I like long, never-ending books that take me a week to read. This took me one day.  

Writing Style + Technique: 5/5 STARS
From the first page, I was enthralled by Dominic's writing style, and the colors he weaved into each sentence. His word usage was tasteful, and the overall voice was artistically matured. Many elements he used in this book reminded me of another series by C. S. Lakin, which is really cool because I LOVE her writing techniques and styles! 

Character + Development: 3/5 STARS
I can be picky when it comes to characters. Nit picky. I really wanted to enjoy the characters as much as the plot and writing, but they fell short. Given, this was a short book and there's not much you can do within 100 pages for a character. So I'll be merciful. 

The book is based in another world, so the people are going to act a little different, their speech will be a little different. But I can't excuse the fact that Soren didn't seem realistic. His struggle was real, but his being? He never seemed to take form before me. He was still almost a stranger to me by the end of the book because I hadn't gotten to love him. And that did take away from the pleasure in reading such a fine novel. 

Setting + Plot: 5/5 STARS
What can I say? I LOVE MADE UP WORLDS. With symbolism and creepy creatures... This book wasn't a disappointment. The setting was thoroughly constructed and the world was beautifully described.

I LOVE lovelovelove the plot. The plot. Is. Amazing. Soren is taken from the world of peace and quiet and calm to remind the Forgetters. His mission is simple... but not easy. 

Lots of history was told, but not in an annoying-looooong-paragraphs-of-boring-stuff way. It was interesting, and kept the story rolling, even if we were jumping into the past. 

What I liked:
  1. Honestly, the description was immaculate. Perfect. On fleek. 
  2. The character development wasn't as intense as I would have liked, but I'm making an exception because this was a shorter book. That being said, it was good, just not the best. 
  3. All the symbolism is JUST SO COOL. I've always had a thing for books like that (Chronicles of Narnia, the Hobbit, The Gates of Heaven Series, and the like), and I know for a fact that my own writing is similar. So, yay for awesomeness. 

What I disliked:
There was so much awesome in this short novel, I know I'm being nit-picky here to point this out. But I was never good at hushing my opinion. So, here goes Cheetos.
  1. There was an odd romance between two of the characters. I just didn't understand it, didn't like it, I didn't know what to make of it. I mean, I love a good romance in a book, but this seemed awkwardly thrown in just to appease readers like me. Didn't feel right. I don't really know, maybe that's just me?
  2. Like I said, Soren didn't feel real to me, and the other characters weren't any better. I would have liked getting to know them, and seeing their personality. EVERY character has their own special personality, but I just don't see that in Soren. 
In conclusion... 
This was a very well written, enjoyable short read! It was exciting, and kept me entertained through the last page. But it wasn't just entertaining, it had a well told spiritual underlining. In the end, I feel like I've journeyed and grown with Soren, and have gotten a taste of a whole new world... And there's nothing more satisfying in a book than when they leave me feeling that way. ;)

Have you heard of this book?
Would you be willing to give it a try (if you don't, you're a goose with unforgivable fears of good books)??

Until next time, TALLY HO *winks like Solomon Hawke* (if you know this refrence, give a shout-out for Sol+Parvin in the comments!!!)

Nov 2, 2016

Fashion post// jewels + my favorite couch dress

Yes, dear human peoples. Today I'm doing something I've never done before. Because life is about taking that leap of faith. Feel it with me. Brace yourself. For it is with great honor that I bestow upon your mobile device a post of... garb and jewels.


I'm awfully obliged to share with you the beautiful handiwork of my dearest aunt Divine! She creates beautiful jewelry inspired by Hawaiian coolness by hand, and has a shop HERE

In this outfit, I combined two separate necklaces (some will comment they don't look good together, but when have I ever made up my mind and changed it because someone told me to? *winks*). The first one was gifted to me from my other aunt, and the second was handmade and given to me from my Aunt Divine! 

I love both of these necklaces because they are not particularly glamorous. They're pretty but not... sparkly. I'm leavin' that to my older sister who LUUUUVS girly-girl bling-bling. *cringes* How are we even related??

Isn't this just the purdiest thang you ever did saw???

Looking at the pictures, I'm pretty sure you can guess why I called this my couch dress. ;) You know, I always wanted to wear my family's old microfiber sofa. #bucketlist

But I love, love, love this dress for two main reasons.

Reason #1: It feels like marshmallows.
Reason #2: IT'S ROSE GOLD. *happy dance* (rose gold = life. work with me.)

When I first found this dress, it was size small. Too small even for me (really guys, I'm like an XS. WHAT EVEN?!), so I went a size up. When I threw it into the washer though, fate hates me and it shrank. Just a teeny bit, but enough for me to want to throw it out. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.

Instead of throwing it out, though, I just decided to where my cardigan over it, just to kind of add an extra layer (and because this cardigan transforms me into a Jedi knight #goals).

What did you think of my first fashion post? 
Would you want to see more, or should I stick with what I've got?
Did you check out my Aunt's Site?
Do you have a certain item in your closet that gives you super powers and feels like MARSHMALLOWS?