Nov 2, 2016

Fashion post// jewels + my favorite couch dress

Yes, dear human peoples. Today I'm doing something I've never done before. Because life is about taking that leap of faith. Feel it with me. Brace yourself. For it is with great honor that I bestow upon your mobile device a post of... garb and jewels.


I'm awfully obliged to share with you the beautiful handiwork of my dearest aunt Divine! She creates beautiful jewelry inspired by Hawaiian coolness by hand, and has a shop HERE

In this outfit, I combined two separate necklaces (some will comment they don't look good together, but when have I ever made up my mind and changed it because someone told me to? *winks*). The first one was gifted to me from my other aunt, and the second was handmade and given to me from my Aunt Divine! 

I love both of these necklaces because they are not particularly glamorous. They're pretty but not... sparkly. I'm leavin' that to my older sister who LUUUUVS girly-girl bling-bling. *cringes* How are we even related??

Isn't this just the purdiest thang you ever did saw???

Looking at the pictures, I'm pretty sure you can guess why I called this my couch dress. ;) You know, I always wanted to wear my family's old microfiber sofa. #bucketlist

But I love, love, love this dress for two main reasons.

Reason #1: It feels like marshmallows.
Reason #2: IT'S ROSE GOLD. *happy dance* (rose gold = life. work with me.)

When I first found this dress, it was size small. Too small even for me (really guys, I'm like an XS. WHAT EVEN?!), so I went a size up. When I threw it into the washer though, fate hates me and it shrank. Just a teeny bit, but enough for me to want to throw it out. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.

Instead of throwing it out, though, I just decided to where my cardigan over it, just to kind of add an extra layer (and because this cardigan transforms me into a Jedi knight #goals).

What did you think of my first fashion post? 
Would you want to see more, or should I stick with what I've got?
Did you check out my Aunt's Site?
Do you have a certain item in your closet that gives you super powers and feels like MARSHMALLOWS?



  1. Ooh so pretty Jazzy! That is exactly my color! ;) And the necklaces are SO gorgeous! I am not fond of blingy stuff either. ;) Like you, I leave that to my sister. Really the only jewelry I wear is a simple silver chain with a small cross on it that my parent gave to me for my 13th birthday. I wear that 24\7. Occasionally I wear my clip-on earrings but that's rare. :)I liked this post! I think you should do more! :D

    1. Thank you, Sarah Grace!! I know. Girly-girl bling SCARES ME. Same, besides the two necklaces in the post, I wear a small silver necklace with a cross, a heart, and an anchor (signifying faith, love, and hope) that my friends gave me after working at an orphanage together (the orphanges are called Faith, Agape, and Hope haha)! I LOVE it because it's small, but it means SO MUCH. :)

      Thanks for the feedback! I'm tryna see what kind of posts I should do so I can create a schedule (eek, maybe) somehow! :)


  2. The necklaces are really pretty! :D I like your dress as well. ;)

  3. YOUR PHOTOS ARE GORGEOUS. And I love the colour!! And it's so pretty! Although I hate it when stuff shrinks too, like, gah how rude of these clothes to shrink on us?!? I bought an epic flannel shirt last year and after the first wash...well it wasn't too big anymore anyway. haha. But still useable thankfully. So YES. I loved your fashion post!

    1. Awweee! Thank you so muches! :D I know, I was just at Ross looking through the racks of dresses when all of a sudden my brain screamed at me LOOK IT'S ROSE GOLD YOU LOVE ROSE GOLD hahaha. But i KNOOOW like RIP. Thanks sosososo much for commenting. It means a lot!

  4. THIS IS SO SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! Gahh, can I just let you be my personal shopper?
    I'm new to your blog and I'm having so much fun looking through your posts- we are so simmilar!

    elissa //

    1. thank you so much! And HAHAh OF COURSE! xD Thanks for stopping by, I love your blog as well <3


  5. Super fun post, Jazzy! I wish I could wear that color dress-- it's SO gorgeous and soft and springy!! But because of my coloring I can really only wear jewel tones. :(

    To answer your questions:
    This was your first fashion post??!! Why?!! It was so well done! And the wonderful quality pictures are perfect! I like how you didn't do it like some fashionistas can tend to-- billions of pictures of yourself in the same outfit just in different poses. ;P But I would love to see some outfits actually on you sometime!! :D

    We wants more. So there.

    Yes, looked at your aunt's site! I really love the Rejuvenate necklace (Because it's pretty and small, and I can only ever wear petite jewelry. Grrr.) and the Summer Breeze necklace because it's a LEAF!!! <3

    Haha, the last question is funny. :) I've mostly worn out my Marshmallow clothes... But I guess my favorite right now is a shortish, breezy tshirt skirt that is maroon colored. It's just so comfy to wear and can double as kinda formal-ish depending on what shirt I wear it with. When my sisters and I helped throw a wedding reception for some friends and were on our feet sun-up to sun-down, I wore in that skirt, boots (or barefoot at times;P), and a denim shirt. It was the perfect mix of casual/practical and a little bit fancy with the curly, loose hairstyle I did!

    Promise to do more clothes, writing, and life posts? :D

    1. Thanks so much Anna!! <3<3 And rip :(( Rosegold is such a gorgeous color, I'm sure you can find at least one tone of it that will match your skin tone!

      Hahaha, and thanks! I was thinking about taking maybe one picture of myself in it... but idk I'm camera shy ;P But I'll definitely keep that in mind for future posts, thanks for the feedback<3

      And OMG are they just DARLING?!?! *freaks out* She's so talented, I'm so jelly hahaha.

      Ooo your skirt sounds fancifully fantabulous. I love versatile clothes. Those are key to a perfect wardrobe, they make up the core! And that sounds gorgeous! Not too over done, but still hopelessly stylish. ;)

      And we'll see, dear. Maybe when I get more time? These next couple weeks will be rough with school ending and all... but I'm so excited for this summer! HAve I got plans for this blog (muahahahaha)!

      THANKS SO MUCH FOR READING! :)) I loved every bit of your comment, you're so sweet<3


  6. I LOVE THIS! I would love to see more possts like this one!

    1. Thanks so much! I'll definitely be planning more for future posts. :))


  7. ugh I wish all my dresses felt like marshmallows :D this dress is really cute :)

    P.S. this blog is so pretty!! :)

    1. LOL! Right?? xD Yes, and I love it so much because I don't have to confine it to one season. I think, with some tweaking, I can wear it year round! win-win!!

      Thanks for stoppin by, I'll have to check out your blog... like right now. :D

      P.S.aww thank you so much! It's still a working progress, but I'm so glad you like it :)) xoxo


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