Apr 28, 2017

Fellow Blades of Ackter-ers....

In honor of Deliver's Release this past week, I've collected some links to other blogger's review for the book! Enjoy:))

Count Your Blessings One by One
 I really love what Blessing Counter has to say. I can TOTALLY  relate to her about the soap scene... and well, everything really!

Ruffles and Grace
Victoria is an amazing author, who wrote this amazing review on Tricia's book. :)
Brie Donning
Ahhhh don't read the spoiler section of Brie's review unless you've read the book. NEW FLASH: It'll spoil the book. Not really. But it won't be as fun for your part, TRUST ME. 

Reading Anyone
This review was especially fun with all the gifs (gifs make Jazzy happi:)). But yes, I agree with the review. Just read it, m'kay?

Jaye L. Knight
Jaye!!! She's the author of the Ilyon Chronicles WHICH I LOVE BTW. And she also loves the Blades of Acktar, so #bless. :))

And that's it! Make sure to comment on their posts, show them lovin. I'll see you next time with a real post ahah xD 


  1. AWESOME! I bet it took a while to find all these poosts! I appreciate the time you took to make this post happen!

    1. Thanks Vanessa! Well, since i follow all these people, it wasn't SO hard, but it wasn't some quickie either. I'm glad you enjoyed it:))

  2. Hi Jazzy- just wanted to make sure you know I've tagged you in the Blue Sky Tag! (link below) Have a great day :)



    1. Well thank ye, Hailey! How thoughtful :) I'll check it out as soon as possible, and try to write a post this week (fingers crossed!). Thanks so much!


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