Jun 3, 2017

update // random stuff + ben rector

Sup fam! Just wanted to pop in and show y'all a bit of what I've been up to. It's been busy this last week FINALLY finishing up school for the spring (then I'm just gonna jump into summer school this Monday *grumbles*), and I've been inhaling books as quickly as I can (which is like a crippled cantaloupe compared to some other readers *grumbles again*), and I've been working out more. I've always struggled with running (just mastered walking but shhhhh) so I've been working on my endurance because I'm like a pickle while running. UGH. Anyways. 

I've just discovered that I enjoy lineart! Art has always been my sister's thing, I created things and she drew things. But as I was scrolling through different art styles I really really really love, I challenged myself to try drawing something of the same affect and this is the outcome... 

What do y'all think? Have you tried lineart or watercolor before? Water color is harder than it looks.. but it's so fun, who even cares! 

  • I also feel obligated to tell y'all that I've been working on a story. No, I won't say anymore about it. I'm gonna wait till I have a set plan on it, I'm still kind of brainstorming (even though the characters are already alive and well, idk how they do it!). 
  • I've been listening to bEN REctoR (listening to him right now, as I type this) ASDLKFJSLKAJF. just. can. i. just. like. ohmyguac my soul my heart my souuuuul. it's /gone/ completely GONE. he stole it *cries hysterically* 

  • I finally read some books, I'll just write a big happy book post sometime *cough[maybe]cough* basically, here's the books I've been reading...

View on GR:

persuasion (audio-book)

  • finally finished reading the book of Psalms! And plan to read Proverbs through this month. I've never been able to finish either books because three verses were enough to pack a solid punch! But my goal is to read the entire Bible this year, and I can't do that by reading 3 verses a day... ;) 
"My flesh and my heart may fail, 
but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever."
Psalms 73:26

"Set a watch, O Lord, before my mouth;
keep the door of my lips."
Psalms 141:3

"Teach me to do thy will; 
for thou art my God:
thy spirit is good;
lead me into the land of uprightness."
Psalms 143:10

"He telleth the number of the stars;
he calleth them all by their names."
Psalms 147:4

And that's pretty much it! I am so stoked for summer, you guys you have NO IDEA :D Till next time... tally ho! xoxox


So, I had a piano lesson Tuesday.

I was letting my teacher inside the house, closed the front door, and right there on the wall was a tree frog! Now, mind you, I don't like frogs... I mean, idk I just don't like them ESPECIALLY in the house.

So, I stood there surprised for a couple seconds, and then I was like, "Uhhh... there's a lil frog dude here." Me and my teacher just stood there staring at it, looked at each other, then back at the frog. (she doesn't like frogs either) Finally, I decided that we couldn't just stand there lookin at it through the whole hour I was supposed to be having a piano lesson. "What should we do?" my teacher said. I told her maybe we should try throwing something at it, and hope it'll climb it's way towards the door, if he's smart (by this time, he had climbed a good foot over my head, adding to my discomfort). And coming a little closer to where he sat on the wall, I tossed a smol something at him.

And he just sat there. Absolutely content with the predicament, absolutely comfortable with where he sat. NO! why did he make this so difficult? Then my teacher said, "What if we set a container over him, then slid a lid to seal him inside, then let him go outside?" I got a tupper wear with its lid, walked over to the frog, and took a breath. *inhales* *exhales* Then I bravely slammed the tupper-wear over the frog, expecting him to throw a fit and become a wiggling sardine... but he still just SAT THERE! The blasted little creature!

Obviously he wasn't going to move, so then my teacher was like, "Here, why don't we just tape the container there until your brother comes home to take care of him?" And that's what we did, and for the next hour he sat inside the tupper-wear, tapped to the wall:

Don't judge us, I know I'm nothing but a dastard.. *covers face in shame* BUT WHAT ELSE WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO???? Let the thing hop around the house? (though it would have been GOLD to see my mother scream from seeing a frog in her cupboards hahahahaha)

Okay now I'm going bye!


  1. I HAVENT DONE LINEART BUT I WANT TO TRY! I a so excited for you for finishing that section of the bible!

    1. YOU TOTALLY NEED TO!!! And me too, it's just so difficult because one verse can totally pack in such a punch, I can meditate on it for weeks :)) Thanks for commenting!

  2. Wow, your art is gorgeous! I love the mountains! And haha, I'm not a big fan of frogs either. xD

    Micaiah @ Notebooks and Novels

    1. AWW Thank you so much!! AHhhhH xD LOL I think they're cute... in pictures, and away from me tho haha :) Thanks for commenting.

  3. Your art is so gorgeous! I love it! You are so talented, wow.

    ISN'T BEN RECTOR AMAZING??? I love his music so much.

    You should most definitely do a big happy book post ASAP;)

    OH MY GOSH THAT FROG STORY XD I'm cryinggg. I would have done the exact same thing, ahaha.

    1. EEEP Thanks faaam :)) Would NOT say talented AT ALL but you're too kind!

      AJSDFJKLDJSA YEASSS. Perfection. Crazy perfection. Utter perfection !!!

      Lol I'll consider it. I'm starting summer school (homeschool life, yknow ugh) and so I'm really not sure how my blogging life will look like. Hopefully I'll be able to tho! Reading has been AWESOME lately, so I'm definitely getting material to write about, IF I do write a big happy book post hahaha.

      HAHAHAHAHA DUDE xD I'm glad I could make you /cry/ laugh :)))

      Thanks for commenting!

  4. Lovely line art and watercolors!!! Yep, watercolor can have it's hard times, but it IS SO worth it xD
    the Wonderkept life (http://lovelypinkduckshome.blogspot.com/)

    1. Awww thanks!! It really is, watercolor is GORGEOUS and the world needs mmooore of it :)) thanks for commenting!

  5. LOVE your paintings, LOVE Ben Rector, and LOVE the frog story! And I can't wait to see what you thought about the Brandon Sanderson books!


    1. THANKS so much girl, THANKS for loving him, and THANKS for loving the story :)) AND OH BOI so many feels and thoughts and love for those books, I can't words about it right now... just....... AHHH. thanks for commenting!

  6. Your blog is SO cute, and I love your description because Jesus, books, music, and ice-cream are basically life. Ice-cream is also, like, the best food EVER!
    Also your drawings are fan-freakin'-tastic.
    And summer school sinks, I'm so sorry. :'(
    And the frog story....lololololololol!

    1. Awww well thank you!! Literally, without ice-cream what is life at all? xD
      And I'm so humbled by the praise :))
      I KNOW. TEll me about it! Here I am, wanting to read and chill with friends and do stuff... but I'm still bogged down with school. The "perks" of being homeschooled.

  7. Your drawings are beautiful <3 and the frog story is hilarious LOL!


    1. Thanks so much!! Haha I'm glad you enjoyed reading :))

  8. Oh my goodness, I love your lineart! And yes, watercolor is oh so very hard. >.< I wish I'd been there to help with the frogs... I love frogs n toads n snails and that sort of thing so I would have gladly picked him up and returned him to "living free and in the wild." ;)

    1. Omyword thank you so much! I wish you were here when it happened too LOL! xD AND ALSKDJFDLKSA IT's THE KRATT BROTHERS :OOOO
      Thank you for making me smile :)

  9. First of all, I just found your blog and it is the CUTEST thing I have ever seen. I loved all of those Ben Rector songs you mentioned, he is one of my favorite artists and his music really just captivates you. Psalms 56 has been really near and dear to my heart these past few weeks.
    I'm so excited that I've found your blog and I can't wait to keep reading more as I just followed you :)
    -Lauren <3

    1. Why thank you, Lauren!! It's still a working progress, but thanks girl :)) AHHH fellow Ben Rector fan *high five* His music is really amazing. I love the messages and the styles and... Yeaaaa. xD Aww, that's really cool! I'll have to meditate on that chapter some time <3 I'm so happy you enjoy my content!!! It's so encouraging, and I love your blog as well! (just checked which blog yours was, and I LOVE your blog too!) Thanks for reading!

  10. Hello! Your art is sooo sweet! :D
    Ooh, summer is awesome. I'm enjoying summer break, too, haha. AND I FEEL YOU: I am kinda scared of frogs eesh. xD But you outsmarted it, lol!
    God bless!
    -Ang | thepeculiarmessenger.wordpress.com

    1. Aghhhhh thank you so muuuch! xD
      Summer really is, I'm happy you're enjoying it!! lol It's a great time to just gather up all the loose pieces of life that fell apart during the school year haha. And DUde you have no idea D: Thanks for stopping by! :))

  11. Your line art and watercolours are so cool! I love the mountain with the Psalm 19:14 verse, simple but amazingly done at the same time :) and that frog story genuinely made me laugh!

    1. Thanks so much fam!!! and you don't know how HAPPY I am to hear you guys say that... I honestly cannot tell you how much I appreciate that :))


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